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The quality of our glass is guaranteed for five years as from the day of delivery from the factory, on condition that the installation has been made without damage to the sealing edge and according to the standards and prescriptions applicable to TERMOLUX glazings, also with regard to the employed sealant materials. The guarantee obliges the manufacturer to replace only the defective panes and not those damaged as a result of mechanical forces. The guarantee does not cover the removal of the defective panes and the installation of replacements. Structural differences in the spun glass are typical for TERMOLUX and cannot be considered as a ground for complaint. In the manufacture of high-technology glass panes, disruptions of production can occur which result in delays in delivery. We can accept no costs consequential upon such delays.


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Technical service and advice:
Our sales office
is at your disposal for information, advice and the supply of samples.
Please ask for our lists of completed projects and test certificates.

Permanent exhibition:
Schweizer Baumusterzentrale, Zürich.


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