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of the TERMOLUX family




TERMOLUX COLOR is normally made with coloured glass on both sides, but can also be produced with a combination of one coloured and one uncoloured pane. It can be converted into thermally insulating, safety and sound insulating glass. We shall be pleased to assess the feasibility of individual projects. The colour shades can vary slightly from one production batch to another. Differences in colour between the samples and the glass supplied may therefore occur and must be accepted. This also applies to follow-up deliveries. TERMOLUX still can also be combined with all other coloured glasses available on the market. In particular with reflecting or Parsol glasses.


Turquoise blue / Sky blue   Blue / Electirc blue   Viola / Amethyst pink
Golden yellow / Pale yellow   Brown / Light grey   Dark green / Light green


TERMOLUX colour is the right answer in museums, art galleries, libraries, schools, private houses and wherever the outstanding diffusion of TERMOLUX can be beneficially combined with the creative effect of coloured glass. The wide variety of possible combinations offer an optimum individual freedom of design. It can be converted into TERMOLUX SAFE COLOR, TERMOLUX COLOR VISION and TERMOLUX COLORCOMBI. Both in facades and in interior walls, it offers architects new possibilities through the use of colours in combination with the textured effect of the spun glass. TERMOLUX COLOR combines good light diffusion and visual screening with the magic effect of the colours. For outside applications we recommend hardening the coloured glasses.

Technical values
The maximum dimensions of TERMOLUX COLOR are limited to 150 x 160 cm as a result of the production sizes of the coloured glasses. For TERMOLUX SAFE COLOR the maximum size is 123 x 160 cm. The light transmission and total energy transmission are strongly dependent on the choice of coloured glass. On the other hand the U value, diffusion and sound insulation correspond to the values for normal TERMOLUX.


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