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The new

safety glass

of the TERMOLUX family




TERMOLUX SAFE is a laminated safety glass incorporating a 1.5 mm white spun glass layer. It can be made with float glass or with TERMOLUX SAFE COLOR coloured glass, and can also be converted into insulating glass as TERMOLUX SAFE COMBI. The maximum dimensions of TERMOLUX SAFE are 180 x 300 cm, those of TERMOLUX SAFE COLOR 150 x 160 cm. The edge surround with a width of 10 mm is normally transparent, but can also be supplied in an opal version. The spun glass fibre layer of TERMOLUXis UV-stable since it consists of glass threads. It assures unexcelled evenness of spatial illumination, coupled with the excellent light-stability of spun glass.

TERMOLUX SAFE can be used for all kinds of sloping glazing, roof lights, conservatory roofs, canopies , bus stop shelter roofs etc. since it offers protection from the sun and against injury as well as serving to prevent falls. To meet higher heat protection requirements, TERMOLUX SAFE can be converted into TERMOLUX SAFE COMBI with U values up to 0.6 W/m²K. Light diffusing ceilings in museums, art galleries, libraries, schools, private houses, and all places where the unparalleled light diffusion and colour rendering factor of TERMOLUX need to be combined in a glass that offers safety from falling glass fragments. TERMOLUX SAFE can also be made with extra-white glass. TERMOLUX SAFE is ideally suited as a barrier to prevent falls which also offers the aesthetic properties of the white woven glass layer, e.g. as a parapet for balconies and staircases. It can also be made with hardened or tempered glass. The glass panels allow fixing holes with a minimum diameter of 30 mm, as well as edge finishing, bevelling and stepping.

Technical values
The light transmission factor of TERMOLUX SAFE is 38 %. and the half-value angle is 53° with horizontal glass fibres. The U value, total energy transmission and sound insulation values correspond to the values for normal TERMOLUX. At IFT Rosenheim, TERMOLUX SAFE successfully passed tests of its durability and behaviour as a laminated safety glass.


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