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The new

semi-transparent glass

of the TERMOLUX family




In addition to the customary TERMOLUXrange with spun glass fibre between 1 and 3 mm, we now offer a number of very fine types with a fibre thickness between 0.15 and 0.75 mm. These new types meet the wish frequently expressed by our customers for a glass that combines an effect of semitransparency with the well-known diffusing effect, the principal property of the spun glass layer. TERMOLUX VISION can be made in any glass combination and converted into thermally insulating, safety, sound insulating or coloured glass. We shall be pleased to assess the feasibility of individual projects.


In museums, art galleries, libraries, schools, private houses and wherever a glass is wanted that offers the outstanding light diffusion and colour rendering of TERMOLUX at the same time as fulfilling the frequent desire for semi-transparency. TERMOLUX VISION can also be made with extra-white glass. Both in facades and in interior walls, it offers architects new possibilities through the use of different degrees of semi-transparency which go so far as to completely eliminate glare. TERMOLUX VISION combines high light transmission and good diffusion with the desired degree of visual screening.

Technical values
The U value and sound insulation correspond to the values measured in TERMOLUXwith 1.5 mm spun glass. Light transmission naturally increases as the thickness of the glass fibres diminishes, and amounts to 61 % for 0.75 mm, 68 % for 0.3 mm and 72 % for 0.15 mm. The total energy transmission is correspondingly higher. As a result of the lower density of the spun glass fibres, the diffusing effect is diminished.


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