TERMOLUX glazing is composed of two glass sheets with spun glass as interlayer, the fibres of which are overlaid according to very precise angles so as to enable light to be highly diffused and sun rays to be reflected.
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The TERMOLUX component, with its unique design, is a glazing that gathers.

the advantage of even, glare and shadow-free light, regardless of sunshine intensity and angle of incidence

With TERMOLUX, the non-dazzling light, with no shadow, preserves the rendering of colours.

the insulation and sun protection

TERMOLUX protects from an excessive radiation and reduces direct sunlight effect on persons and materials, always creating a north light-roof setting

the transparency and fibre’s modern aesthetics

In museums, glass roofs, galleries, sport centres, libraries as well as in private houses, TERMOLUX allies technical performance and original decoration.

TERMOLUX does not turn yellow because glass, its main component, is an inorganic material.


Museum of Fine Arts
Ghent, Belgium

Termolux Vision

China Resources Land Building
Shenzhen (PR China)

Termolux Combi

Burkertsmatt Sport Hall
Widen (Switzerland)


Primary school des Ouches
Geneva (Switzerland)

Termolux Combi

Grossi Sport Hall and Velodrome
Parma (Italy)

Termolux Vision

Thermes de Jonzac
Jonzac (France)