Termolux safe

TERMOLUX SAFE is a laminated safety glass produced with an interlayer of white spun glass of 1.5 mm. Assembly is made with layers of PVB on both sides of the spun glass so as to hold together the glass when shattered.

TERMOLUX SAFE keeps the quality of light diffusing and aesthetics as well as being the perfect solution for sloping glazing, where the risk of glass-sliver fall must be under control.

Practical Applications

  • Glass roofs
  • light ceilings
  • art galleries
  • libraries
  • schools
  • public buildings
  • windowsills
  • glass balustrades

TERMOLUX SAFE can also be manufactured with tempered or heat-strengthened glass. Maximal dimensions: 1800 x 3000 mm.
CSTB technical assessment nº 6/14-2176_V2, date of validity 30.09.2023.