Termolux COLOR

TERMOLUX COLOR is composed of laminated glass with intermediate colour layers.

The great variety of colours of TERMOLUX COLOR offers the architect a great potential of creativity, putting together the coloured transparency and the structure of spun glass. Besides the quality of light diffusion, TERMOLUX adds the aesthetic dimension of variation of colours of the filtered light. Each production batch might present different colour tones; there also might be differences between samples and delivered orders.

Availability of coloured glasses has to be
checked before as we dispose of limited

termo_color_02_a Turquoise blue / Sky blue
termo_color_02_b Blue / Electric blue
termo_color_02_c Violet / Amethyst pink
termo_color_02_d Golden yellow / Pale yellow
termo_color_02_e Brown / Light grey
termo_color_02_f Dark green / Light green
termo_color_02_g Red