Termolux Nuvola

TERMOLUX NUVOLA is a new product with a complete new way to dispose the white light diffusing glass fibres other than in the well-known interlayer of TERMOLUX.

Instead of the regular textile structure, the interlayer of glass fibres is disposed manually with the shape of a cloud. As a result of this manual work, there will never be two equal units.

Every piece is unique.

TERMOLUX NUVOLA  is thought as a decorative panel but it can be used also as an external wall if combined to an insulating glass. The well-known effects of light diffusing and sight and sun protection of the glass fibres are also present  in the new product TERMOLUX NUVOLA.

Practical Applications

  • Decorative panels
  • Separating walls
  • light ceilings
  • art galleries
  • Shops
  • schools
  • public and private building

Technical performances

We have no tests about the technical performances of TERMOLUX NUVOLA because every unit is different.

But in all there will be no difference with normal TERMOLUX units with the same thickness of glass fibres.